Recurring Service Events- is there a way to look up or track deactivated recurring events? or a way to RE activate those recurring service events?

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Example, a customer has multiple locations on recurring services. They change vendors and we go through to deactivate those recurring service events... well the customer changes their mind and wants to come back and reactivate there services. There is no way to specifically track deactivated events or re activate them!!!

This option would also be great to try and track those lost customers to follow up down the road and earn the business back


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If the recurring service has been deactivated, I do not see an option to log a follow up? I couldn t find anything in the links provided Bryan Post Project Manager Affordable Drain & Pipeline, Inc 8340 Juniper Creek Lane San Diego, CA, 92126 P: 858.689.4000 F: 858.689.4035

Bryan when you say deactivated do you mean dismissed? 

Of so, once they are dismissed recurring services do not have the ability to be reactivated so to speak. But, I would really love for the ability for Admin logins to have the ability to "un-dismiss" them! @baraica

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Hi Bryan- we do not have a direct report. However, recurring events that have had a job scheduled or a follow up logged will remain on a customer membership even if the recurring service is deactivated.

Additionally, to reactivate those recurring services, you can log a follow up (you can find more information about that here:

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