Lead/Helper tag

Would love to have a way to daily assign technicians to be dispatched together. That way helpers are automatically assigned to jobs that a lead is assigned to unless removed.

Resolved! Dispatch Pro: Multi-Person Jobs

Fellow Dispatch Pro users, I'm looking for input on how you're handling Dispatch Pro when you have a tech and helper riding together. If you assign the call to both then DP turns off. Are you just assigning the lead and leaving the 2nd person as idle...

josh_bab by New Contributor II
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Need some votes!

HBromberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Schedule on TV

We have a Smart TV on our warehouse and every time we want to open the dispatch board we need to connect a computer to the screen.Is it possible to put the dispatch board on the TV 24/7?I tried logging into ST on the TV browser but as soon as I try t...

Asantos1tp by New Contributor II
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Sales Appointments

Can notifications be sent to comfort advisors when a new appointment is scheduled? A text to their phone would be ideal.

Resolved! New Hire Videos?

We are looking to onboard a new CSR. I would like to know if there is a video that we can show them on how the system works and what they will be looking at when they start? Or better yet a "test" for someone who claims to be experienced or fluent in...

AllenP1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Technicians Receiving Emails for Every Dispatch

Does anyone have an option where the technician does not receive an email for every dispatch? These emails needlessly clog up an inbox, and can bury important emails that are sent to a technician. Thank you in advance.

t_joner by New Contributor III
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Calls counting against tech's stats.

When I am looking at technician productivity reports and I see an estimate closed out as "no sale" or "nmt", But then 2 days later, we see the call again on board with the estimate sold. Should this not go back and attach or change original call from...

Marshall by New Contributor
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cancelled calls

Is there a way to make the cancelled calls red or greyed out when you are on the customers account? We have to click in them and see that the call was cancelled. It would be GREAT if you could tell if the call was cancelled before clicking into the c...

Help us improve our workflow 🙏

This is a two step question:1) Currently, our company doesn't have a set warehouse staff yet so we have our technicians picking up our POs and completing returns. I have set up our main suppliers customer profiles in ST and book jobs on the techs for...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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