What are other HVAC company's using for their Job Types?

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Can you please tell me what your job types are if you are a HVAC company? I am really struggling with this part! Thanks so much in advance!!!


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We just went through and cleaned our Job types up just a few weeks ago and this is the list we landed on.


 ...No Cool/Frozen Normal2 hours 
...No HeatNormal2 hours Edit
..LeakLow2 hours Edit
..MaintenanceLow2 hours Edit
..No Hot WaterLow2 hours Edit
..NoiseLow2 hours Edit
..Service - OtherNormal2 hours Edit
..Smell/OdorNormal2 hours Edit
.Approved Estimate RepairLow2 hours Edit
.InspectionLow2 hours Edit
.InstallNormal8 hours Edit
.Quote Duct CleaningNormal2 hours Edit
.Quote No Equipment/ New ConstructionNormal2 hours Edit
.Quote Replacement/AdditionNormal2 hours Edit
.Quote-OtherNormal2 hours Edit
ACC SaleNormal30 minutes Edit
Duct-CleaningNormal4 hours Edit
Follow-UpLow1 hour Edit
MeetingLow1 hour Edit
PSPU Shop/ VendorLow1 hour Edit
Ride AlongLow  Edit
Shop - HQ Repairs/MaintenanceLow1 hour Edit
Training/TestingLow2 hours Edit
Truck Clean/RestockLow1 hour Edit
Truck Inspection/Repair/ServiceLow1 hour

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Here is what we have & we add to it as needed.

A/C won't shut off

Broken Belt

Check Thermostat

Clean and check

Clean Duct

Compressor starts/stops

Compressor won't start

Fan keeps running

Filter change

Gas Logs


Inspection HVAC

Membership Prepaid

No Cooling

No heat

Plumbing Repairs

Possible Call Back




Repair Duct Work

Replacement Install

System leaking Water

Unit doesn't work

Unit frozen-up

Unit smells

Unit vibrates

Warranty service

Water Heater Problem

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@Wanda Anderson Do you mind sharing the rest of your job types with me?

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for the replacements we put "full system" "partial system" "accessory only". We have the full systems set at 8 hours, partial at 4 & accessory at 2 hours.

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We put what calls might be from our customers. Like a/c not cooling, a/c freezing up, thermostat blank, heat not coming on, system leaking water & etc for our job types.