Non Job Estimate Attachments

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When sending non-job estimates via email to customers, there is no way include any attachments. For us, this would be a nice feature when sending quotes/estimates for a membership to a potential member. As one of the dispatchers, we are the first to speak to customers and if they express interest in it but aren't calling in to book a job, we can't just create the estimate and attach our brochure along with it. We have to send it through our work email in order for them to receive both. This would also be helpful when an office associate is trying to sell a customer on a product as well. We can create the estimate without a job, but can't include any of the pdfs we have about the product information. For example we have a pdf for the I-Wave R and have a lot of customers call in about solutions to improve air quality in their home, so we may suggest the I-Wave, but again, to give them more information and a quote to reference, we can't just send it right through ServiceTitan. 

Does anyone else see this as a feature they might utilize if it was added? 


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Hi @emilybur - I wonder if this has already been added to Ideas -

If not, it sounds like a great suggestion, so definitely add it and share the link here so others can support you! I hope this helps.