Adding Quotes to existing jobs

Why Service Titan do you have to my my life hell? I should be able to add an estimate to a job made from that job.

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HVAC RetroFit Estimates - More Appeal & More Customizing

I'm new to Service Titan and I'm not a technician, only comfort advisor. I go on calls that require estimates on replacing equipment, not parts or repairs. I create estimates from the office. Maybe it's me, but I am disappointed in the Estimate build...

Exciting Integrated Financing Updates!

Our latest updates are bringing an extra level of ease and flexibility to your finance offerings. You can now activate more than one of our integrated finance providers, allowing you to offer homeowners multiple financing options on the same job, and...

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Converting estimates to bookings

Are we the only ones that don't like that if we accept and book from an estimate this automatically creates a "project" even though we only use projects for system replacements. We would like it to allow us to create a "job" when it is only an estima...

jentron by New Contributor II
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How to know if someone else is working on the same thing

We have had a few instances where 2 agents in our office start working the same estimate or same job booking and Service Titan allows both of us to be in the same job at the same time booking twice or adding items to an estimate. Is there a way to fl...

No Charge Calls

I have recently noticed that when a tech sells a job and performs work now his NoCharge is automatically turned on. It looks like as soon as the tech gets the customer's signature it automatically changes this feature.

isabelle1 by New Contributor II
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Access to Forms and pictures from the estimate page

Suggestion- It would be nice when yo create a project book a job and the job is to gather info for the estimate that while on the estimate you could access the pic's and a form id applicable. It's a pain to have to back out go to either the job or th...

Papa by New Contributor
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I have discovered that If you have multiple estimates on one opportunity/job and one estimate is sold the opportunity is dismissed.I do not believe it should be this way. If you have other open estimates on a opportunity/job it should remain open unt...

Johnny1 by New Contributor
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