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Contractors need actionable, accessible vehicle and fleet data to make business decisions. Problem is, this data is often scattered among several separate systems, which can lead to inefficiencies costing fleet managers thousands of dollars per truck per year. ServiceTitan is here to change that.

Introducing Fleet Pro, the first fleet management solution built specifically for the trades. With Fleet Pro, you can proactively eliminate unnecessary expenses, minimize risk while ensuring accuracy, and improve driver performance and safety—all within the platform you already use to run your business.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

According to industry reports, companies using fleet management software reported savings of up to 17% on accident, labor, and fuel costs.* Visibility into fleet data such as vehicle location, driving events, and fuel expenses can help reduce costs, but only if that data is readily available and acted upon. If your fleet data is being treated as an afterthought, you could be overspending by hundreds of dollars per vehicle each month. Fleet Pro brings the data to the forefront, improving efficiency and saving you money. 

Minimize risk and ensure accountability

With features like GPS tracking and geofencing, you can feel at ease knowing your technicians are staying productive while eliminating unauthorized vehicle use. Fleet Pro protects you against liability and loss with real-time event alerts and video event capture, empowering you to take immediate action in the event of risky driving behavior or road hazards. Dual-facing cameras help aid in timely insurance claims and reduce liability, potentially saving $150 per month on insurance premiums.**

Improve driver performance and safety 

Fleet Pro helps ensure the safety and productivity of your technicians through video cameras powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect unsafe driving behavior such as fatigue, smoking, or distracted driving. Driver scorecards help facilitate the coaching and training of your technicians, protecting your fleet and saving you money by monitoring driving performance. With idling alerts, you get visibility into technician downtime that empowers you to make business decisions that can increase productivity. 

Sign Up For Fleet Pro Today 

With three different packages that range from GPS tracking only to AI-powered dashcams, and with access to fleet data right within the ServiceTitan platform, Fleet Pro offers a solution that can be customized to the unique needs of your business. Supercharge your fleet management today with advanced vehicle and driver insights right at your fingertips.

To request a personalized Fleet Pro demo and find out which solution is right for your business, please visit


*Source: 2020 Fleet Tracking Trends Report
**Source: Fleet Tracking Software ROI Calculator

New Contributor III

Does this work in Canada? 

New Contributor

Just did demo, looks great!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

@tamilack yes, Fleet Pro does work in Canada! Feel free to reach out to for any questions or to schedule a demo. 

New Contributor

Is there a general price range per vehicle or size of fleet? 

Contributor II

Do you have to have a minimum amount if vehicles to sign up?

New Contributor II

@mirdesch No minimum vehicles required 🙂

New Contributor II

@saltshay Price range differs depending on whether you would like to get cameras or not. It is a much cheaper package if you're only selecting GPS. Feel free to reach out to for pricing.

New Contributor III

In the picture above, it shows a fleet pro dashboard with graphs and charts. We have Fleet pro and I can't find that anywhere. How do I get to this dashboard?

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 5.25.12 PM.png

New Contributor III

@Nwoodard0923 There are a lot of features they show in the demo that dont work. Its Service Titan, i guess we should be used to that.

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