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Is there a way to set up milage alerts on Fleet Pro? We would like to use it to get alerts each time a certain milage has passed. This is for maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, or inspections
Does anyone know how to pull a report with the average response time on chats? I know it's a feature in Titan Advisor, but I'd love to have a scheduled report so the CSR can see it on a daily basis and make it a goal to lower that number. Thanks all!
Nathan from far Northern Cali. On ST for 1 year now and we do Garage Doors. I love this community!
Why can't we attach a sold estimate to the job it was sold on; from the office after completion?Example: the tech screwed up and didn't mark the estimate sold while he was on site. Now we need to mark the estimate that he created as "sold" and attach...
Our techs accidentally hit this button and customers accidentally hit it as well. These days, no one is asking us to go contactless, so how can I remove the e-sign option permanently?