A customer with Multiple service location and each location has multiple service locations

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How would I organise a customer that manages multiple locations that are apartments. One company called "Customer A" has multiple address locations that are apartments. So each apartments has multiple unit addresses also.

So "Main Customer A" is an umbrella with their own billing Location and their sevice locations are "Location A" - "Location B" - "Location C" - "Location D" ETC... Now, each "location ABCD" has there own separate service locations and their own billing details. 

Ho do I make ST organise all three tiers here allowing me to organise this so I can search "Main customer A" and see the Location and then their locations?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Oh this is a bit of a fun one! Unfortunately you won't be able to have a location that has a sub-location to it.  You could have as "Main Customer" then each location you have would need a name that will group them together such as "Location Main Name - Apartment A" etc...  Doing it this way would keep all your accounts receivables together for the Main Customer.

Hope that helps!



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