Barely Open For Business Today

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It took 8 minutes for me to complete a job and all our office staff among 11 sites are not able to do anything without several minute lag. Anyone else? Not sure if this is a known issue or a ticket situation for our team


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We are having these issues as well. It started out as long load times but it seems to have gotten worse. I agree with MTROBERT, putting in a support ticket is a good idea! Though I'm sending an email and not doing it through ST. I want my backup of schedule changes to load first lol. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am unsure. I know we at Fluesbrothers have not experienced this today! I would put in a support ticket if it keeps happening. I know how much that can bog down your day! 

Sorry this is happening to you guys and I hope for a quick and speedy solution 🙂 

Madison Robertson
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