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We here at Fluesbrothers have been struck with a round of COVID related illness. So I'm curious how the rest of people are addressing this? We have been short staffed for weeks and are hoping we're at the end of it!
❄️ Snow Day at Fluesbrothers ❄️ We want to know how many shops work rain or shine? We will give it our all to get out to our customers but if we aren't able to do the job to our standards then we will call and reschedule!
Sorry this is painfully late but took some much needed time off over the holidays! But HAPPY 2024 TO EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY!! So happy to be a part of this wonderful space!
We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Please feel free to share pictures of your teams!
We are so happy to celebrate @cheyenne2 and her 5th work anniversary here at Fluesbrothers! Everyone help us in congratulating her! Such a huge accomplishment and we are so lucky to have her!