Bulk edit customer account data

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When we imported our customer database from our previous program into Service Titan hundreds of accounts came in with data formatted for the old program that Service Titan is not recognizing.  I need to be able to deactivate accounts in bulk so I figured it would be simple like downloading the pricebook or inventory and clean it up in excel and then upload it......that's proving to not be possible from everything I have tried to do.  So, how can I clean up our customer database in a clean simple manner without having to go into over 5k accounts and do it manually?


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @seemore -- I've done this specifically to correct the way customer names are listed by going to the search icon and exporting the entire customer list, using a proper excel function to standardize the way each customer name appears, then reimporting into the account!

Sheena @ NiFT