OS for desktop / Phones Pro

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Does anyone know what operating system is required / recommended or optimal for service titan in general. We currently are using iPad field tablets (mobile app) and office runs our day to day from Mac OS (MacBook Pro) and the phones have been the biggest issue. We cannot get the system to cooperate with the integrated dialer so I am assuming its our platform. That being said we are wanting to switch to desktops. We have phones Pro and also want to integrate desk phones and head sets. 

Could someone point us in the right direction please. Thank you in advance for your feedback and help.



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When you say that you cannot get the system to cooperate with the integrated dialer, what do you mean by that? Are you currently using headsets?

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@mirdesch You are great at explaining. Can you help them out and explain how you set us up with Phones pro, desk phones and head sets to help it function better?

Khiana Klatt
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