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Is it possible for ST to create an alert for when a tech adds a note to a job?  All other dispatching softwares I've worked with has this option.   It is not productive to have to constantly check jobs multiple times a day to make sure we aren't missing something in the office.  

If an alert was added for when a note is added to a job the office can efficiently and quickly handle the situation.  Without this option important details get missed, customers and techs get upset because of the missed note. 


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Regrettably, setting an alert for when a note is added to a job via the mobile app isn't currently feasible. As a temporary solution, I suggest either having technicians call or text the office to notify them of any important notes added to the job, or alternatively, you can create a form (let's call it "Important Note"), assign it to the job/technician, and set up an alert for when the form is completed. In the alert, include the previously created form ("Important Note") and designate yourself and/or others as recipients. Each time the form is filled out, you'll receive an alert, allowing you to review and add the notes to the job. Additionally, the technician will need to copy the same text they entered into the form and add it to the note for reference.

some helpful links if needed:

create Form in ST 

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This feature has been requested by some of our customers, and someone has already suggested it in our ideas portal. I encourage you to check out the idea and vote for it. Here is the link: Important Note Idea 





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