CC Payments Say Deposited But Definitely Have Not Been Deposited

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I have a big problem and am not getting any support from ST. Yesterday, we took CC payments for jobs totaling just over $17,000. All payments were made before the 5:30 cut-off. Everything shows that the payments went through with no problem and in ST Payment Gateway it says the funds were deposited. The funds were not deposited into our account though. I have tried chatting and calling Support, as well as my Account Manager and I am getting no resolution to this issue. I'm trying not to be rude, but we pay a lot for ST and to have that amount of money essentially go "missing" and no one know what to do or how to handle it expediently, I am beyond frustrated. Any advice or idea of who I can reach out to in order to get a speedy resolution?


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Hi Whitney, I see our team is working on your case. I believe in the future if you have an issue with payments, the team who you would be able to contact for direct support is

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If we have a single charge for a large amount, sometimes, and I don't know the amount off hand, but it gets held for 24 hours before the deposit gets released. Never had a problem with the release though.

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Hi, Sometimes I feel like the ST chat is sorta lacking and slow, I think you can place a callback? That might be a better option. I do agree this is a very urgent matter but I think a callback might be better as I have had better experience with that when I have the time to talk on the phone (even though chat probably takes a lot longer depending on the issue or question)...