How to Hire and Retain Employees With a 4/10 Work Week


With a labor shortage still high on the list of issues contractors face, many are looking for ways to entice people to join their teams and retain those already employed.  Employees today seek flexibility, more time with their families, and less stress. For other industries, the answer has come in remote work and flextime: work when you want, from where you want, as long as you deliver.  

Remote work and flex time simply aren’t possible for field workers in a construction company. However, an alternative to the Monday to Friday nine-to-five grind does exist and will benefit employees and employers; it’s called 4/10s. 

What are 4/10’s?

A 4/10 work week is a schedule that involves working four days a week but for ten hours each day instead of the usual eight hours. Everyone still works their regular forty hours weekly, just organized more optimally. This type of schedule is becoming increasingly popular among workers and companies alike, as it offers a range of benefits for both parties. 

What are the Benefits of 4/10’s?

A 4/10 work week benefits workers with an extra day off each week. This can be particularly helpful for those with long commutes or who struggle to balance work and personal commitments by providing more flexible schedules. Having an extra day off can also reduce stress and help workers to feel more rested and energized.

In addition to these benefits for workers, a 4/10 work week can also be advantageous for companies. It can help reduce absenteeism as workers attempt to schedule appointments and activities on their days off. Turnover rates tend to drop as workers may feel more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to seek alternative employment. 

The 4/10 structure can help companies save time and money in recruiting and training new employees. Workers who are rested and happy are usually more focused and motivated, increasing productivity. 

For construction companies, a 4/10 work week can offer additional benefits. A longer workday means fewer trips to site, reducing paid travel time, gas expenses, and wear and tear on vehicles. It can even increase efficiency with less time spent setting up and packing up. 

Even the customers will benefit from 4/10’s as larger projects are completed in less days and service customers are offered appointments later in the day, more conducive to their work schedule.

How ServiceTitan Can Help Implement 4/10’s

A schedule of 4/10’s does not mean you have to shut down entirely for one day. In fact the oposite is true, with employees more willing to work weekends when they know they will be compensated with an additional day off midweek. If appropriately organized, a rotating schedule of days on and days off works best. 

ServiceTitan can make the organization of this structure easy when you Set Up Technician Shifts. This feature allows you to input the shifts your field workers are either working or off.  


Once set up, the shifts display on the dispatch board as color-coded bars, alerting your team to who is scheduled and until what time. 


Overall, a 4/10 workweek can offer a range of benefits for workers and companies alike. From increased productivity to improved work-life balance, this type of schedule can help to create a happier, more engaged workforce and ServiceTitan makes implementation a breeze.