Change order of Opportunity Follow up estimates

I reached out to ST tech support and was told this feature was currently unavailable. But I would like to know if the ability to rearrange "Opportunity Follow-Ups" could be added. Because, as it currently stands when I build estimates for a customer ...

Pictures in the Equipment DOES NOT EXIST

We were told during sales intro that pictures could be directly attached to pieces of equipment. I have just learned from our top notch on boarder that this is NOT POSSIBLE.The major issue here is that the pictures will get lost on the site of the eq...

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Material Tracking & Production - (COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE JOBS)

What is the best way for the crews in the field to track materials to a job, without doubling materials. We work off of an "Invoiced Revenue" system. Which requires us to create purchase receipts to be received and approved before they are paid. I'm ...

Looking for Titans in Raleigh/Durham

Hello all,We have a client who needs 90 units replaced on a property in the Raleigh/Durham area. We are looking to partner with a local company to provide the work and we want the workflow to run through ST so if you have a company in that area, plea...

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This just in: New Labels for Commercial and Construction!

Hello Titans!We're excited to announce that new labels have been added to community for our Commercial and Construction users. This will be the first of many improvements we look to make across community to better segment and identify posts, so you g...

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