Resolved! How to change ST Community User Name?

This might seem like an incredibly lame question. That is because it absolutely is. I cannot figure out how to change my username here in the community. It cut off the last two letters of my name. It doesn't seem to be a character count issue as ther...

LeonWright by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Invoice pricing options

Is there a way to present an invoice with different options such as if you pay cash its this amount if you pay credit card its this amount with the fee and if you use financing its this amount with the fee?

nicholea by New Contributor II
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Material Name instead of Material code on invoices

Does anyone know how to show the MATERIAL NAME instead of the MATERIAL CODE under tasks on printed invoices? IT is telling me no - is there some type of work around? (highlighted in yellow is what we want on the invoices that shows up on job invoice ...

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Form Fields Usable for Audience Building

Hi ST, As a company, we would find it amazingly useful if form fields could be called on within the location field on the Audience Builder. For Marketing Pro, we want to be able to harvest specific info to best serve our customers needs. We think hav...

Skyler by New Contributor
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Tools Required Checklist (Plumbing)

Hello! I recently misplaced our sheet that has a list of tools "required" or recommended that our new hire techs have in order to be able to get to work in the field. Please share yours! If you prefer, you can email me at maria@scottharrisonplumbing....

mariahar by Contributor II
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Service in your Name...But not in your support

You call yourself ServiceTitan, but getting technical support from your company is nearly impossible. No where could I find a support number to call, you don't have a real direct link to support on your menus, and when I contact my "SUCCESS MANAGER" ...

dnichola by New Contributor
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Resolved! Does Service Titan Care About the Rest of Us?

We pay the same as HVAC/Plumbers/Electricians but get little to no respect from Service Titan when it comes to value added features. I understand business dynamics, that HVAC is you larger customer base, but how many others are like us and have to us...

aaddean by New Contributor
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Search by User Activity

I would like to search for activity by user. Specifically the POs I create, the notes I make and projects I am involved with.

Follow Up Board

I feel like I saw this before, but can't find it. I'm wanting to change the default follow up date. Currently it is set to 2 days if the Technician doesn't change the date manually at the end of the apt. However, we have many instances of going throu...

hannah00 by New Contributor
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