Permissions Breakdown

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I need a more in depth permissions breakdown for employees. The permissions seem to be too general and when looking for specific permissions, such as phone Emergency Fallback permissions, I can not seem to find anything when researching it on community, knowledge base, or any ST article. I have ran into this issue before and have spent too much time trying to find the answers to something so simple. I would like to see exactly what my employees have access too. Some of these permissions cover too much and there is not a good way to see exactly what they are able to access. 


If anyone can share an article on permissions breakdown in detail, that would be so beneficial!


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @RHILL74 -- here's an Explanation of office employee permissions in ServiceTitan you can also go into your employee profile and under the permissions tab, if you hover over any of the permissions it gives you additional info, if any, on that specific permission.

Sheena @ NiFT