Summer 2023 Feature Release Q&A [ST-66]

Hi there! This is your space to ask any questions you may have for the new and updated features within the Summer 2023 Release [ST-66]. Please be sure to watch the Blue Collar Nerd Release Video, providing examples and explanations for several of the...

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Pathway to Pantheon Leaderboard - June 16, 2023

Have you seen the agenda for Pantheon 2023?! There is some pretty exciting content in there if you haven't checked it out! This year's Pantheon is going to be an unforgettable one so make sure to get your ticket.. OR enter to WIN by participating in ...

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Canadian ST group launching soon!

Hey to my fellow ST users! Are any of you working in Canada in your role? Yes? You will want to keep reading! I am working closely with @CassandraDMC, @MirandaMel along with a few other beautiful minds to create a ST group that is designed specifical...

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How do you recruit techs?

Hey, Community! How are you all currently recruiting techs? Would love to hear some things that have worked for your shops to hire top talent.

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Pathway to Pantheon Leaderboard - June 9, 2023

We are at the 3 month countdown for Pantheon 2023 and there is so much energy and excitement in the air! Who is ready? We're coming to you with another weekly update for this week's leaderboard. Don't see your name? It's not too late to win! Click he...

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Hide Individual Line Items

Is anyone else frustrated that there is no way to hide individual line items? We want to hide the deferred plus and minus tasks so the invoice looks more presentable to the customer. We were able to do this in our last software program ESC and it bog...