Bad update by Service Titan

Service Titan recently did an update which changed tasks. BEFORE the update, tasks that were open were colored green & tasks that were closed were colored red. AFTER the update, open tasks are now red and closed tasks are now green. It makes no sense...

Jenna by New Contributor
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Is there a way to make outbound calls on Service Titian?

Is there a way to make outbound calls on Service Titian?I haven't found a way to make outbound calls to a number that is not a customer. Here are two scenarios in which I would need to do this.If a customer calls, and we answer but the call gets disc...

mmedina02 by New Contributor
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Outgoing numbers

I've had multiple customers say that our numbers look like they're coming from really obscure places. One said that it said it was coming from Russia. It would be really great if it had the company name. People just see our calls as scams.

Bulk Reclassifying Calls

We get a lot of 10-45 second calls that are spam. It takes a lot of time to go through and reclassify them individually. It would be nice if you could select several of them and reclassify them all at the same time. This would also be nice if you hav...

Miranda by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! Recording company cell phones

I am trying to find out what we have to do to get the cell phone conversations recorded that currently are not. Typically, our customers call a number which is ported to a cell phone used by our HVAC manager. That call is recorded. Then he will most ...

Opportunity Follow Up Contact Phone Numbers

I think in the Opportunity Follow-Up screen you should be able to access the full customer contact details. At this point you are only allowed to contact the first phone number from the customer file from that screen even though you might need to con...

kbright by New Contributor
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Phone issues dialing out and sending texts

Is anyone else experiencing issues with their phones connecting with service titan as well as texting ? Phone lines dropping, calls ringing in twice but only one line has the customer on it ? Just trying to see what kind of issue this is or if its un...

Chels by New Contributor II
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Removing Bulk Phone Numbers?

Due to our workflow we end up adding the technicians phone number to the customers profile on every job. Is there a way to provide a list of our technicians phone numbers and have them removed from those profiles at the end of the day or on our reque...

CodyWans by New Contributor II
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Is there a way to move the dialpro box. It's in the way.

ACarl by New Contributor
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