Spring 2024 Feature Release [ST-69]

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hey everyone! The Spring 2024 release for ServiceTitan is rolling out this week, so be sure to familiarize yourself with all the new ways to increase efficiencies, improve accuracy and maximize revenue this Spring by checking out the release notes and Blue Collar Nerd's video!

Here are the top highlights from the Spring release:

  • Forms: You can now add tags to job, customer, location, and equipment records when specific responses are entered in forms, based on conditional logic. This allows you to automate workflows and drive a variety of actions based on responses entered in a form.

  • Job Planning: Project Portfolio is a new project tracking tool that provides a high-level overview of your projects and lets you manage different elements of your projects. You can find specific projects using various filters, group projects by specific information, and customize and save project list views.

  • Service Agreements: WithVisit Templates, you can build basic templates to provide visit-level cost estimates. This helps office employees accurately and efficiently build out the Scope of Work for Service Agreements.

  • Accounting: Ensure accountability and accuracy with ServiceTitan's Audit Trail feature, enabling thorough review and verification of all record changes, from creation to modification and deletion, ensuring any changes made to the record are complete, accurate, and authorized.

  • Configurable Services for Pricebook Pro: Powered by Titan Intelligence, Configurable Services automatically surfaces your relevant vendor materials for technicians to identify what’s being used on the job. This results in more accurate estimates and simplifies material tracking to maximize revenue. Configurable Services also makes it easy to start using Inventory in ServiceTitan with Pricebook Pro.

  • All New Scheduling Pro (Coming Soon): Introducing the new Scheduling Pro, a fully integrated online booking tool built for ServiceTitan contractors. Onboard in minutes, allowing customers to book jobs to your dispatch board instantly. New mobile-first, optimized UI to maximize conversions of job bookings plus advanced configurations to improve the contractor experience. Get on the Early Access Waitlist here.

Questions? Feedback on this release? Let us know in the comments below.