Vote for the Old version of Service Titan

We are in need of getting more requests from this community in voting for the old version of Service Titan. I have requested numerous times to the customer success manager to please leave the old version open for us to use and they always say that we...

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Make forms more customizable. ~Needs Votes~ need more options when it comes to Forms. Please comment on the Idea additional changes we need! Note: I also submitted an Idea called "Audit Trail for Forms". Please vote for that if ...

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Is there a next level of the CA program and if not is there one in the works?

ahall1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Winter 2024 Feature Release Q&A [ST-68]

This is your space to ask any questions you may have for the new and updated features within the Winter 2024 Release [ST-68], coming January 2024. Please be sure to watch the Blue Collar Nerd Release Video, which will be live by 1/16, providing examp...

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Customer and Location Records - old design to be sunset soon

Have you made the switch to the new design? Do it soon!! The members of our CSR/Dispatcher group have shared that they love the design. You can see what I love about it by watching this video:

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Go Vote!!!

DEVELOPERS - WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO INVOICE AFTER DEACTIVATING A MANAGED TECHThis needs to get as many votes as possible ASAP!It is time consuming and aggravating every single time we have to deactivate and reactivate techs for invoices or adjustments...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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Fall update

Hello, has anyone found a way to revert from the new update changes? We are frustrated with entering new customers, as well as editing an existing customer. Having to open a new page to edit the contact info is especially aggravating. Also, it has be...

Brandy1 by New Contributor
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