Best Inventory Workflow For Inventory On Projects

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I'm wondering what the best workflow would be for my use case. We do project based jobs, so our salesman will go out to a consult and sell an estimate that will be performed weeks later by an install team.

Currently it is pulling the inventory from his truck because he's the one that sold the job when it should actually be pulling from the install crews truck.

On that same note, we do real time job costing so we have an updated invoice running at all times during the project with the full scope of work on it, which is preventing me from creating a requisition for parts for the upcoming project so I can pull them.

One idea we had was to change the inventory location for the materials and equipment on the invoice to pull from our warehouse, but that just places it on hold and doesn't generate a pick list for me.

Is there a workflow I'm missing here where I can go from the point of sale to creating a requisition and pulling the majority of equipment and materials from our warehouse and then having them show on the final invoice for the client and so that it's job costed correctly?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Bumping this thread. We're also in the same boat using projects for multiple jobs on a single location with each job having 20-30 line items of materials & equipment. Is there an easier or less time consuming way to add all these to a transfer so that inventory can be relinquished properly? I feel like I've exhausted every avenue but I'm sure I'm not seeing something to simplify this process. We have between 20-30 jobs per day that have these long lists of materials that need to be added to the invoice.

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Hello @codybumpus,

As currently it is being pulled from the initial technician, there are currently no other options other than manually editing the locations to install crew. Another option would be to have an estimate and have the install crew book it into the job.