Resolved! non managed tech and truck

Why does a non managed tech have to have a truck attached to his profile for Inventory when I have inventory turned off on our account?Hes a helper. He doesnt have his own truck and they float between leads to whoever needs a 2 man crew.

Dnadave by New Contributor
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Resolved! Serialized Returns

Hey team,My company is running into an issue with serialized equipment that I'm not sure how to solve, and I'm wondering if anyone has some experience with this.The problem is happening when returning serialized equipment from the customer, either be...

Kevin_JPS by New Contributor II
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Duplicating materials and equipment when creating a PO

I tried looking through the 925 or so discussions on PO's for a solution with no luck.For many of our services we have material connections which automatically adds the materials used to the invoice for job costing.We sell equipment which then also a...

JerryCobb by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Inventory Price Update Feild

Is there a field in the pricebook where you can put in the date for the most recent price update? Most of our prices need to be updated weekly, so we are looking to mark somewhere the date of the last price update so we know to check on the current p...

Emshultz by New Contributor II
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Counter Sale / Inventory Workflow

Anyone have a great workflow for Counter Sales (ex. walk in customer purchases filter), using a Counter Sale Invoice instead of creating a job, then adding Service Task Code with Linked Material and able to properly see Inventory adjustment?

DaylaPCG by ServiceTitan Certified Provider
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Bulk add material to job

Has anyone come up with a novel way of bulk adding material from the warehouse directly to a job. We currently employ a system where we send the techs with a predefined packout, they tell us what they use and then we add it to the job. At the moment ...

mattbadke by New Contributor II
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so with the last update it looks like something is wrong, when we click inventory and location nothing is there like inventory is not being added but i know it is , im not sure what happened or what to do, ive emailed my sm and waiting on a reply

aaron_ge by New Contributor
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