General inventory question

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Our warehouse is having an issue with discrepancies between our records and physical inventory counts. typically our records shows that we have less materials than we actually do. Most of the time the our records show that quantities are less than our physical inventory and some time they are in the negative.

Currently we are tracking materials going out and coming in with paper logs that we then enter into our invoices for job costing manually. This process also allows us to adjust our quantities in our records. We also adjust quantities via PO invoices for stock purchased. 

I was wondering if any has had similar issues and found a solution either through Service Titan or by other means. 

Please feel free to ask clarifying questions if my explanation was unclear.


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @matt8053 -- not sure how your inventory is configured, but it sounds like you and your team would benefit from using purchasing and replenishments. This can alleviate the manual tracking and entering of materials.

Sheena @ NiFT