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Problem: Bulk editing materials on the invoice is a daunting task. This is a special case where our technician added the same item a million times and he did it line by line instead of putting x20 of one item, x5 of the next, etc. Now I have to go through and remove each item on the invoice line by line because there is not a bulk remove feature on the invoice. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 

Possible solution: add in a feature to the 'Update Invoice Items' screen to allow bulk removal. Also if the same item is on an invoice multiple times with the same Inventory Location, couldn't ServiceTitan automatically recognize that and group them automatically? 

Question: What is everyone's experience with the Inventory Mobile App on the technician side? Would the techs be able to use this instead of ServiceTitan mobile to add inventory to jobs more accurately and timely? It seems like the Materials section of the Pricebook on the technician side within ServiceTitan mobile isn't built out the best... perhaps to focus more on the Inventory Mobile App? 



ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I have a similar idea out there COMMUNITY-I-749 this would be a huge time saver in so many use cases!! As far as the Inventory Mobile App it isn't designed to add materials to a job, its more for PO's and inventory counts. Have you looked into the barcode scanning feature, it would take away some of the searching for a material in the pricebook. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

In order to get Votes for something, you would need to create an idea in the ideas section, then share the link here.  I would definitely vote for this!  There is a similar item in the ideas for adding materials in bulk, you could put your ideas with it? 


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Thank you!