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Hello fellow service titan community. I am currently having an issue that I hope to find a solution to on these forums. From what I was told, we are required to have an employee (technician) applied to a truck in order for them to work in the field and still be able to earn their respective hours. The issue's that this is bringing us are as follows. We have around 35+ technicians/employees that are not currently running their own trucks or leading their own calls, they are usually just 2nd or 3rd's for their respective departments,  but these technicians are assigned to a "Default Truck" with no template. We are running into an issue where a part or material is used on a job and is accidently replenished through the default truck, causing our inventory to be all out of sorts. My question is, "Is there a way to still have these technicians be in the field and earn their hours without being assigned to a truck?" This would allow us to remove this "Default Truck" and eliminate the possibility of accidently requesting a replenishment from this truck.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Another option, If you navigate to the settings page, Inventory, Trucks & Warehouses. You can remove your extra techicians from any trucks. Just click the x to remove them and save. They will stay removed from any trucks until the time comes you have to edit their technician profile. Which will require you to add them to a truck, at that point just do this process again for that technician. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You have to have technicians assigned to a truck, default truck just tends to be a placeholder.  My question is, if these are 2nd or 3rd hands on jobs, why are the materials being assigned to them and not the primary person on the job who presumably has an inventory truck and where you want those parts coming out of?  We do something similar with our "Dummy Placeholder Truck" and I look at the inventory on it regularly as it isnt supposed to have any.  If I see if go -1 (or more) I investigate and see which inventory location that material was really supposed to come from.  I schedule a report to hit my inbox every morning so I can just take a quick peak and catch any errors in pseudo real time.  I am always happy when that report is empty!  Hope that helps.

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