Payables Module - vendor invoice numbers and duplicates

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My company uses the Payables Module - I have noticed while reviewing invoices that it will not flag or otherwise indicate if a vendor invoice is a duplicate when it is being entered - or even after it has been entered.

It would be extremely beneficial, if it would let you know that an invoice is a duplicate when you enter it based on the Vendor document number. It would be even better if it would not let you enter duplicate invoices at all.

We have come up with a workaround at the moment via reporting and an ongoing excel spreadsheet - but it is slightly time consuming. Not to mention that it forces you to be reactive instead of proactive as it is not feasible to search each invoice before it is entered to ensure it is not a duplicate.

Hopefully this feature can be included in an update to the payables module in the near future.


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I couldn't agree more!  If Quickbooks can have this feature, I think any software could have this feature.  I also find it very frustrating that certain fixes can not be done to an exported bill.   If there is an error with the bill being allocated to the wrong job, you have to credit the bill and then add it back in so that correct job costing is reflected.  That is such a nightmare of a process and should be something you can fix within the module

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Yes!! I would absolutely love it if they added this feature. 

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This an amazing suggestion