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We have what we call job boxes which are commonly used parts in a box for different job types that we send out on every job of that type. Our replenishment vendor for these has supplied us with itemized lists for each one including barcodes for each item. We use those barcodes to submit the replenishment orders through their ordering portal.  I want to add these barcodes to ST but my question is can they use those barcodes to itemize the PO in ST? Our vendor has supplied us with an iPad paired barcode scanner to access their system for ordering. However, our warehouse employee still has to itemize the PO in ST by searching for each item and adding it to the PO. This takes a lot of time out of his day. I'm trying to figure out how to do this part of the task more efficiently. Is there a way he can use the barcode scanner function in ST to itemize the PO as he is scanning barcodes into our vendor system? This would greatly decrease the amount of time it takes our warehouse staff to itemize these replenishment PO's. I have been approached by other vendors telling me they could supply me with similar sheets of barcodes if ST supports this function. As itemizing PO's takes a lot of our warehouse staff's time each day I'd like to be able to do that in a less time consuming manner to better utilize their time. 

Thanks if anyone has any ideas on this. 


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Josephh, that is one of the functions of the ST Inventory App. Once you have set up the barcodes in ST to your items, then you would be able to scan the barcode and choose how many of that item you have received. You could ask your vendor if they would provide you with the barcode library they use, and then you could import those barcodes in ST rather than adding them 1 by 1. You would need your CSM to turn on the Inventory App for your account, and then you can download it to an Ipad or Iphone from the app store.