Update for serialized inventory - question

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With the new update for serialized inventory it has taken away the field type which shows what the equipment is.  To be able to access this you have to go into each piece of equipment delete the optional field at the top and then select the type (air conditioner, furnace ext).  This just adds additional time onto each PO or Job now.  Is there anyway that the top field can just be eliminated or if there can be a way to edit the equipment from the location page and be able to edit multiple pieces of equipment all at once.   


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Hey Ingrid, The equipment field will auto-populate with the same equipment type as is in your pricebook. I know when you delete that field at the top it looks like there is nothing in the equipment type that shows up after deleting the top field, but it would populate if you just hit save. ST operates under the assumption that if you have serialized items, those items would also be labeled with the proper equipment type.