Warehouse Permission for multi location company

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Our company is currently operating under one Service Titan account with multiple locations. One problem I am seeing is that there is no way to set permissions as to which location a user can see. Is this a problem/issue for anyone else?

I do not want warehouse employees to have the ability to transfer materials from each location without user permissions from upper management. 

I have submitted an idea for this to possible become a new feature.

COMMUNITY-I-3273 - https://ideas.community.servicetitan.com/ideas/COMMUNITY-I-3273 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello there!

I came across your question looking for an answer of my own on transfer types. Here is an article on how to set permissions for inventory on each employee/technician if you still need it! 



One last thing! When I go to edit an employee profile (Settings>People>Employees). Under the employee in their "Profile" section when you hover over "Business Unit" a flyout pops up and states: "Business unit assigned to the employee. This restricts them from accessing anything other than the assigned unit. Employees restricted to a specific business unit can only view or use features and functions assigned to only that unit." This seems to possibly address your issue of employees seeing across multiple locations. If I am thinking correctly on this it seems you'd have to have a business unit for each location and assign the person to the appropriate BU.



In this article it states: If you have multiple locations, you can assign business units to those, too.


Also, if you need the ability to have someone at multiple business units you can group your business units together.




Hope this helps?

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Thanks for sharing the upvote link, @brodyzalesak!