What inventory systems is ServiceTitan concidering working with.

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Hi @Ted Zhang

I'm Actively building out my Material database. I have chosen to do this in SOS Inventory because of it's ability to integrate with Quickbooks Online. I believe that I will be able to map out most of the categories and material data fields to ServiceTitan's Pricebook field. (Still need to test).

Is there a way to set up an EDI connection?

Is there a different Inventory system that you would recommend?

I did find one Killer feature in SOS Inventory that is making my life much easier. Sos lets me combine field from my item database with a word template. This let me print material books with Images and Bar-codes filter by use. This is great for building TruckStock books. Here is an overview of this feature: https://youtu.be/6LB4Ay7hLdc


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@Cory Hames? We're still working on it and aiming for a beta version in November. Feel free to reach out anytime. I'm happy to provide updates.

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Having trouble finding any newer info on QBO and inventory management. Assist please.

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@Ted Zhang? Is there any update on how the ST Inventory Management module is coming along? Is there a place I can go to read these updates rather than bugging you here?

Really looking forward to managing inventory within ST.

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Hi @William Lutz

Are you talking about connecting to your vendor via EDI?

For inventory add-ons for QuickBooks Online, I don't have any recommendations but when I worked at Xero, I saw a lot of people use DEAR and Unleashed inventory (both QBO add-ons). Doesn't hurt to get a demo from them and see how that works with QBO.

We're working on developing inventory management in our application so you won't need an add-on in the future.