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Good morning, we are in the process of converting to Service Titan from Desco. 

I was curious we have an auto summary that we used on our old system, that would be put on the customers invoice automatically if they had a maintenance visit done so the technician didnt have to type it.   Is there a way to do it in service titan other then a form or no?

- Check voltage and amperage on all motors and capacitors

- Check and adjust blower components as necessary

- Check temperature drop across evaporator coil

- Check operating pressures and temperatures

- Lubricate all accessible moving parts

- Check for proper refrigerant charge

- Tighten all electrical connections

- Clean condensate drain line

- Check thermostat settings

- Clean condenser coil

Thank you for your help


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I just called ST yesterday about this. very thing.  I would love to have the ability to upload a list of our maintenance items so that our technicians do not have to put in each time.  This would be a tremendous help.

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I am with you! This would be so helpful. It seems as though it could be done easily since you can do it for the job summary. Maybe the next update will make this happen!

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If I'm right you would add that list in the task description for the maintenance visit. When you create the job type for a maintenance visit, set it so it automatically populates new jobs created with that task for ease of use.  

The invoice should show the checklist to the client. 

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thank you so much for your input.

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Hi @Jimb1979 forms is the best option here and I would leverage any possible smart field options as well as notes on the customer profile to help. 

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