Cancelled calls.

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I would like a report that details the time a call is booked and cancelled. Trying to maximize our tech schedule to reduce cancelled calls.


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @dgianesi -- if you're looking for the call time stamp you can use the report template titled "Calls" and add the columns titled "call time" and "call length" which will give you the time the phone call was placed or received and the duration.

Sheena @ NiFT

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Hello @dgianesi,


Choose report type: Calls, Select a report template: Calls, Columns to be displayed in the report: Find "Job Number", "Call Type" and "Job Status".

Call Type: Filter to is one of: Booked

Job Status: Filter to is one of: Cancelled

You will see all calls which were booked and cancelled.