New design for customer profile

Right now on the new design of the customer profile if you are looking at the job section, it is only showing the technicians picture rather than the text of their name. Wondering if there could be an update to change this back to text as the picture...

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lizharri by New Contributor
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Technician follow up

Hello, we are wondering the best practice for when a technician has completed a job and a customer calls back and wants to ask the tech a question about an estimate/invoice. We have been creating an additional apt stating "Please call customer regard...

inf8380 by New Contributor II
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Changing the position "Delete Selected" After Clicking Select All

Has anyone else ever accidentally clicked "Select All" and has a moment of dread as you see you mouse automatically be over "Delete Selected"? It would be nice to change the order so we aren't in danger of double clicking and deleting all the photos ...

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normdell by New Contributor
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Resolved! Non-charge job event code

Hi, when booking another appointment for a job that is closed that we need to return to it and there is no charge to the customer. Why is it that when we put in a non-charge job event code the techs are still able to put in their hours and it shows u...

Corri by New Contributor
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Curious to see how everyone handles sales commissions. 

CNorman-GDM by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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First-Time Fix Rate

First-time fix rate is one of the 14 Field Service Performance Metrics that ST recommends companies track. How do we track this? Is there a report ST has built that will calculate this metric? I can create a report using certain variables, but I have...

serr451 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Automatically add information to invoice summary

Good morning, we are in the process of converting to Service Titan from Desco. I was curious we have an auto summary that we used on our old system, that would be put on the customers invoice automatically if they had a maintenance visit done so the ...

Jimb1979 by New Contributor II
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Why can't we have thumbnails for pdf files? ((NEEDS VOTES))

When you add a pdf to a job, customer, or location, they are not very easy to spot. If you are not looking for them, you can easily miss them. Why can't we have thumbnails in the files section or even add them to the Photos and videos section? It can...


Resolved! Calculate Material / Equipment Changes in Estimate Tool

Hi! Is there a fix in place or workaround for the Calculate button to re-calculate the price of a service within the Estimate tool when a material or equipment has been remove / replaced? My team has tried multiple options, but the dynamic pricing is...

NQ by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Any options for automatically adding tasks when scheduling a job?

I'm wondering what the options are for automatically adding tasks/materials/etc. to invoices on jobs when they are scheduled. I'm specifically hoping that there are methods to automatically add tasks to Prevailing Wage jobs when they are scheduled, b...

IanKirby by New Contributor
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