Configurable Customer Notifications

Please add the ability for each job type to store dispatch / reminder / booking text that could be then added into the dispatch / reminder / booking texting/email customer notification messages.

Non Managed Techs & Mobile App

Hi Everyone, We are currently rolling out non-managed technicians on the ST Mobile App. I am curious to see how others are using this feature, being that they cannot complete a job without a managed tech assigned to the job. Is there a work around ? ...

Resolved! Open Call Report?

How can I see all open calls that have not been "completed", I need to be able to see any calls sitting out there in ST either as "Open", "Scheduled", "Paused" etc. Using the options below the dispatch board is not showing prior days jobs unless you ...

gamorosano by New Contributor II
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Emailing Customer with Job Updates

Is there a way to send an email to customers with updates on a job that is not complete without doing it through the invoice? This is for constructions jobs that are not complete and the GC and our project managers are wanting to be updated on what t...

Cerena by New Contributor
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workflow to move equipment

Looking for workflow to move a piece of equipment to a new location. SAME owner. Client moves and wants us to uninstall at old house & reinstall at new location. I'm thinking best thing is just one job and editing the location address after the move ...

ErikaF by New Contributor II
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Booking Job on Completed Job

Good Afternoon all,I am having an issue and am not exactly sure what to search for. We had a job that was marked completed which is was not completed. It would not allow me to mark it as uncompleted. I was able to add an appointment but when I went t...

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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Download or Print All Jobs at Once

We are working with a customer who will need all of the jobs performed at a specific location either printed or downloaded. Support stated that there currently is not a setting where this is possible, and that each job would need to be accessed in or...

t_joner by New Contributor III
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Tag Alert

Hi, Would like to add alert for when a tag is added to a job. This would be very helpful for us when our warehouse adds "Parts Ready" and we are alerted in real time to schedule the job with a customer. We have tag reports set up to be sent out every...

Technician assignment of Labor type

For companies that have technicians who's work would fall under multiple labor types, it would be a great improvement to efficiency if labor types could be assigned in more places then just the technician profile or on a completed time sheet. Ideally...

PStaples by New Contributor
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