Configurable Payroll and Costing

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We are experiencing a major issue with our workflows for tracking job costs and paying commissions. We turned on configurable payroll to pay out a commission based on a percent of the invoice, less the costs of the job (paying on the profit). Unfortunately as soon as we did so, we discovered that our POs were not being attached to the jobs where work was being done. They were attached to requisitions and projects instead. 

We also discovered that purchase orders were being tracked as the cost at the time of ordering, not the received cost and quantity entered on the receiving end. Additionally, once the job moves to closeout, the materials and equipment added to the invoice are added at $0. Hooray! We have only labor in our margin! 90% profit!

Once costs are manually added to the job, the job costing doesn't change, the commission doesn't recalculate and we are left yelling into the void. Any suggestions or workflows would be extremely helpful. 


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