Converting estimates

New Contributor

Yesterday I realized when converting an estimate, after you click the Select All button to add the tasks there is a separate box to then check to include any quoted discounts. If you are putting a Select All button at the top of the page it should Select All items on the estimate, both tasks and discounts as well. Not very user friendly.


New Contributor

I agree.  Our estimates have equipment and materials associated with tasks as well.  I understand that the materials and equipment are tied to the tasks we add to the estimate.  I understand the idea of the materials and equipment having their own area on the estimate, however if I click on the corresponding task that is the reason it's there to begin with, then the corresponding equipment and materials should be auto clicked as well and get added all at once to which job they are being added to.  I cannot tell you how many times we have project invoices not calculating correctly because the material or equipment didn't get added to the invoice at the time of booking.