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We are in the restoration industry and a requirement to get paid for insurance paid jobs is to keep track of progress as things dry out. That means that we need to stop by multiple ongoing jobs and grab reading from equipment and record in a form. To be more efficient, our tech often record these readings on paper and later on add them to the form for each job. Making those updates to forms on the mobile app is quite time consuming so we would like to be able to do that in the office on a PC/Web. However, when editing a form on PC/Web, the changes are not saved and currently the only option is to save the form locally and upload to Forms section. That creates a second copy so it's counter productive. Please add the ability to edit forms on PC/Web!


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @johnu21

Could you elaborate a bit on what you are referring to by saying "editing a form on PC/Web, the changes are not saved"? Currently, office users can either make changes to forms from the job audit trail by hovering over the form (image attached) or by searching the needed form by clicking the Search magnifying icon (image attached). 

Let me know if I can further help you with this.