PDF Form Smart Fields - Discounts and Rebates

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Has anyone figured out a way to add a smart field to a PDF form (that's uploaded, not a ST form), that will pull the total discounts/rebates for an estimate that we can include on the contract? These are standard ST fields, so seems like this should be easy and standard to incorporate it as smart fields.

Alternatively, why doesn't the subtotal show the amount BEFORE any discounts/rebates (in addition to taxes/fees) are added? We don't have tax so for us the subtotal amount is the same as the total, which sucks. Would be nice to show the customer the "retail" price in addition to the net price without our guys having to add up all the discounts/rebates and populate manually. 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @swilliams -- I don't see discounts/rebates listed on the smart fields codes. If you post your suggestion to include it on the ideas page and repost here, I'll be happy to upvote!

- Sheena @ NIFT




Sheena @ NiFT