Photo capyure

Is anyone else having issues with the photo capture option? I have several techs that are having issues with the link Service titan sends to upload photos they have taken with their phones.

vwiggins by New Contributor II
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Removing Tags That Shouldn't Be Attached

For the last few months, when our installers complete any installation job, 3 tags that had not been applied to the job, suddenly show up without any interaction from the person completing the job. Inspection, Agreement Visit, and Home Sale Inspectio...

suem by New Contributor II
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Serial #s on install jobs being deleted

Anyone having issues with install jobs, when the techs close out the job, it prompts them to delete the equipment before closing out? The office puts the equipment, model and serial #s, on the invoice for install jobs, but then the techs have to dele...

klukas by New Contributor II
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Non Managed Techs & Mobile App

Hi Everyone, We are currently rolling out non-managed technicians on the ST Mobile App. I am curious to see how others are using this feature, being that they cannot complete a job without a managed tech assigned to the job. Is there a work around ? ...

Generate summary with ti

It has been great using the enhance with ti option on the office side for invoice summary. In the event that the office staff is on the other line or unavailable to the technician while they are completing job summary is there a way for the technicia...

Add Job# in the Work Order PDF

Hello, It would be very beneficial to add a Work Order# field next to the Date field in the Work Order PDF file. This number will correspond to the Job#. We complete more than one services on the same date at the same location, so property managers a...

dkote by New Contributor
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Techs automatically clocked out for the day

Since the latest update, we are having an issue with some of the techs being automatically clocked out for the day when they mark their last job as done. Our company pays for drive time so we have the techs manually clock in and out, as well as dispa...

PDF Form Smart Fields - Discounts and Rebates

Has anyone figured out a way to add a smart field to a PDF form (that's uploaded, not a ST form), that will pull the total discounts/rebates for an estimate that we can include on the contract? These are standard ST fields, so seems like this should ...

swilliams by New Contributor
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Hide Prev. Technicians Name

Hey guys! Sometimes I deal with petty technicians who love to make the life of a dispatcher a little difficult. As much as we would all like guys just to go out and service the client without questions/pushback, well we don't live in that perfect wor...

Ashley101 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Appointments

Is there a way to add requirements to an appointment outside of a form for the "job". If they are on an install before they close that days appointment out they are prompted to put daily notes in or check specific items during the install for quality...

acaroluzzi by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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