Permit and Inspection section

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We are looking to see if we can add a section to a job. We would like to add permit numbers and inspection results plus dates for jobs completed. We would, of course, have to have the option to add more than one due to the many different types of permits needed. 

We have a custom field we are using now but it would be nice to have the permits an option to view in between a couple of pre-existing sections, the reoccurring section and the history. It puts the information near the top of the page and can be viewed at a glance and we can pull reports based on this information. 

It is our hope to make the permits and inspection section of every job available for others within our office. 

Thank you for your time. 


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Great idea! The best place to post this is going to be on our ideas page. We will all be able to vote on this also.  (