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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

By default, when a job is booked through Scheduling Pro (powered by Schedule Engine) into ServiceTitan, that job is given a campaign called “ScheduleEngine”. This limits the attribution of those jobs, since it was likely a marketing campaign that led to the website visit that is of more interest to a marketer. 

Fortunately, there is a way users can track campaigns through Scheduling Pro so that they are correctly populated into the lead/job when it’s booked.

Step 1: Have Scheduling Pro Enable ServiceTitan Tracking

Scheduling Pro does not pass attribution data into ServiceTitan by default; it is a configuration that must be turned on.

To turn it on, reach out to the Scheduling Pro team at this link and ask them to turn on ServiceTitan Campaign Tracking Attribution. 

Step 2: Append Other Source URLs

We now need to add the se_campaign parameter to all other traffic sources. Use the builder at the link below to automatically generate URLs for your various traffic sources:

 ServiceTitan URL Builder 

Place the URL generated from this tool onto all of your marketing platforms and collateral. Then, when a customer visits the website through that URL, Scheduling Pro will assign that booking to the correct ServiceTitan campaign automatically.

Not yet on Scheduling Pro or Marketing Pro? Click the links below to request demos:

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