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The Marketing Pro Ads Optimizer beta and free trial is coming to an end next week. We have seen promising results with customers who have had continuous usage over this time period. In fact, for our early beta customers, we continue to see over 250% ROI on ad spend!

Starting September 5th, Ads Optimizer will be disabled for all customers that do not already have Ads Optimizer included in their Marketing Pro plan. If you do not already have Ads Optimizer included in your plan but would like to get access, you will need to contact a Pro Account Manager to update your package

If you do have Ads Optimizer as part of your plan and have chosen to pay-as-you go basis per qualified lead, you will just need to click on the "Enable Ads Optimizer" button in Marketing Pro. This button will be visible to you by the end of the free trial.

Remember - in order to use Marketing Pro - Ads Optimizer, you will need to have Dynamic Call Tracking (DNI) set up in your account. Check out last week's webinar on setting up Marketing Pro - Ads here!


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