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Author: Angelica Navarro

It’s no secret marketing can be a pretty big expense. It’s wise to have reliable ways to measure your results, so you can maximize your ROI and funnel marketing dollars to the right channels. Your business gets calls from customers interested in your services, but do you know where those calls are actually coming from? If you don’t, it’s a lot harder to make smart marketing decisions. 

“Everyone we talked to had the same problem,” says ServiceTitan Senior Marketing Operations Manager Johnny Wenzel. (They’d say) “I spend a lot of money on Google Ads, but I don't really know if it's actually working.”

Marketing shouldn’t be a gamble—remember, contracting is still largely a call-driven industry, so it’s crucial to know where those incoming calls are coming from. Otherwise, you could be looking at wasted marketing efforts and spend that hurts your bottom line. 

Dynamic Call Tracking with DNI: The Keys to Understanding Your Customers

Dynamic call tracking puts the odds in your favor by allowing you to tie incoming calls to your marketing campaigns. It’s a versatile tool that works effectively for traditional and digital marketing channels and provides insights that show you which campaigns are driving calls and which aren’t.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) takes it one step further by helping you learn more about the customer journey and providing a more granular view of where customers find you online. It assigns each online marketing channel (a good example is pay-per-click ads) a unique phone number, which is then displayed on your website to customers who land there via that channel. It even helps you attribute offline conversions to your online marketing campaigns.

Let’s say a customer browsing on their desktop or tablet clicks an ad for your business on Google. The click takes them to a relevant page on your website with a dynamically inserted phone number to call. If they pick up the phone to call you, that number assures you can attribute the conversion and any revenue from it to your Google ad.

Pretty nifty, right? 


The Short & Long-Term Benefits of Call Attribution 

Call tracking and DNI work in tandem to provide insights on the customer behavior that leads to calls. If you’re running paid ad campaigns and using Google Analytics, DNI reveals a wealth of information that lets you drill down to the specific ad campaigns, groups, and even keywords that led to website visits and calls. 

DNI makes it easy to scale your campaigns by provisioning dynamic call tracking numbers for multiple campaigns at one time, which also allows you to A/B test factors like keywords and landing pages to find out what performs best. 

Data is key to making good marketing decisions and understanding the path customers take to find you. With the data you get from call tracking with DNI, you’ll also get some valuable long-term benefits:

  • If DNI reveals a particular channel, campaign, or keyword is driving more calls and conversions to your business, you can then direct more spend there.
  • DNI can help you better optimize your website by showing you whether or not customers take action after visiting and how much time they spend browsing the landing page.  
  • You’ll increase your digital marketing ROI while decreasing your average cost per conversion.

There’s no better time than now to implement dynamic call tracking with DNI at your contracting business, particularly because the increased focus on consumer privacy and changing legislation could pose challenges for marketers down the line. By making the most of your call tracking options, you’ll stay ahead of these trends, keep your ROI in the green, and market to your customers more efficiently.

Interested in learning more about Dynamic Call Tracking in ServiceTitan Marketing Pro? Visit and request a demo or visit the Knowledge Base to learn how to set it up.

New Contributor

I've configured DNI and it delivers a "DNI API returned error". I've installed the script using Google Tag Manager.  I also have tried WordPress code insertion plug ins.  Lastly, I found the <header> and <body> tags in our WP Theme Editor and tried that.  Nothing has worked to this point.
I was told a I need a "web developer" by support.  I don't have a web developer.  I got plumbers 😉
I emailed our "CSM' but haven't heard anything. back.  I just signed up for a "demo". 
As it is, I'm going to have to use CallRail if this doesn't work.  Disappointing experience, so far.


New Contributor

Hi Scott!

Sorry that you've run into this issue. When looking at your account, I can see the URL is set to, but on the website itself, there is a www. before. By changing the URL to in the DNI configuration, the test should work.

-Johnny, ST employee

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Great info! Thanks @mel-deyto and @johnny-wenzel

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