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Exclusive Access: Marketing for the Trades Summit.
Using Data to Power Your 2024 Marketing Strategy!


🚀 Calling All Trades Business Leaders! 🚀

Missed out on the groundbreaking Marketing for the Trades Summit webinar? We have thrilling news for you! We’re granting exclusive access to the complete recording of this pivotal event.

Optimizing your marketing game plan for 2024 is crucial as budgets get a fresh start. Step into the new year with renewed vigor! With your marketing funds reloaded you might wonder: Where should you invest for the most impact? The answer? Data-driven decisions. Delve into the key takeaways from a recent Marketing for the Trades Summit webinar. Learn practical ways to leverage ServiceTitan data within Marketing Pro. Plus, uncover simple tweaks that can skyrocket your data quality, transforming your marketing game and maximizing ROI. Stay ahead of the curve! 🎯


"Data tells the story and surfaces insights.
Your tracking and attribution within ServiceTitan
need to be tight and dialed in.
Without this attribution in place,
you’re flying blind."

– Brandon Doyle, Blue Corona


🔍 What you’ll learn:

📊     How to grow leads, jobs, and revenue.

📊     Last year, ServiceTitan’s qualified leads increased by 54% YOY 2021-2022.

📊     Solve pain points and challenges.

📊     Use ServiceTitan data alongside marketing data for amplified results.

📊     Understand the customer journey (from clicks to revenue).

📊     Track inbound analytics to gauge effectiveness.

📊     Integrate marketing data with operations data to boost performance.

📊     Utilize datasets for informed business decisions and effective marketing strategies.

📊     Discover Marketing Pro Ads Optimizer.

📊     Bridge the gap between marketing and operations.

📊     Elevate your customer’s experience. Explore post-purchase touch-points.

...     and more!


🔍 Insights your CSM wants you to take away:

📊     Elevate your game with your Pro products.

📊    How to leverage ServiceTitan to harness marketing data’s power to amplify your marketing results.


We have a passion for data, and we exist to grow the trades. We address complex questions like: Is that lead genuinely valuable? Was the call successfully completed? Which keyword search proves effective, and from which landing page did the customer come?

There’s a lot of data and a lot of activity that happens in the marketing realm before your customer even interacts with your ServiceTitan platform. We tie marketing activity back to revenue. And solve where to pump more advertising dollars to generate higher ROI and lower cost-per-leads for your customers. So let’s get granular and find out what’s working vs not. 

Seize this pivotal moment to recalibrate your business trajectory. Leverage ServiceTitan to harness the power of data to amplify your marketing results. 🚀


Dive into the Marketing for the Trades Summit Webinar!

This is the key to enhancing your marketing strategy for 2024. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your marketing game. Watch “Harnessing the Power of ServiceTitan to Elevate Marketing and Business Growth” and amplify your success.

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"Without data,
you’re just another person with an opinion."

Edwards Deming: American business theorist,
composer, economist, industrial engineer, management consultant, statistician, and writer.

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