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Marketing Pro - Common Strategies for Email Campaigns

In response to popular demand, we've created this Common Strategies for Email Campaigns guide specifically for you to assist with your Email Campaigns!

Whether you're a seasoned marketing manager or a business owner looking to enhance your email marketing efforts, this document offers valuable insights and actionable ideas to engage with customers, foster relationships, and drive revenue. From crafting engaging welcome emails for new customers to follow up on unsold estimates, this resource covers a wide range of strategies accompanied by audience criteria and content suggestions. Dive in to explore how you can leverage these strategies to create impactful email campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive business growth.



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Marketing Pro is part of ServiceTitan’s suite of Pro Products that can enhance clients' technology and capabilities. Focused on marketing software that helps contractors exceed customer expectations,  Marketing Pro's technology meets the end consumer wherever they want to engage the contractor - online, live chat, or by phone.  Account configuration is required for this feature. 


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