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Product Updates


  • Ads Optimizer Beta is still offered as a Free Trial through September 4th for all Marketing Pro Ads Customer accounts. Integrate Google Ads, Google Analytics, and set up Dynamic Call Tracking (DNI) to take advantage of Ads Optimizer features. Reach out to your Pro Product Account Manager (PAM) during the trial period if you want to keep Optimizer running after the free trial

  • Post Off-Website Conversions into Google Analytics: ServiceTitan Marketing Pro now sends conversions to Google Analytics when an off-website call happens. Any call made to a tracking number that is outside of DNI is now counted as a conversion event in Google Analytics. This helps ensure all customer calls are included in your analytics. 

  • [COMING SOON] Neighborhood Opportunity Scoring included in Marketing Pro Analytics: By using the propensity score powered by Titan Intelligence, you can now target a specific segment group. This helps to increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns with fewer costs.

Audience Builder

  •  Custom Fields updates in Audience Builder  - You can now use the Custom Field filter when creating new retention audiences. After you add custom fields, you can enable Use as Filter in Audience to view them when creating a retention audience. These updates help increase your audience targeting options. 

Direct Mail

  • [COMING SOON] Marketing Pro now supports 6x9 postcards: Stand out with new, larger 6x9 postcard campaigns in Marketing Pro. We've also added several new 6x9 postcard templates for you to choose from in your next campaign.

Email Marketing

  • [COMING SOON] Custom Fields added as Merge Tags in your email campaign templates - Enable custom fields to be used as merge tags in Settings > Marketing Pro > Custom Fields. Use your custom fields to personalize your email campaigns.. This leads to higher conversion rates and increases your customers' engagement and satisfaction.
  • [COMING SOON] New default Merge Tags to be used in your email campaign’s subject line: Personalize your emails by using more default merge tags in your campaigns’ subject line. This makes it easy for your customers to refer to these email campaigns later.


  • [COMING SOON] Attach multiple technicians to verified reviews: Previously, you could only attach one technician to a review survey based on the technician who spent the most working hours on the job. Now, you can add more than one technician to a review to assign job credits to multiple technicians.


  • New 6x9 postcard templates available here!

Webinar - August 24 at 11am PT- Let's Set up Marketing Pro Ads Together!

With Ads Optimizer in a free trial, the time is NOW to get Ads Measurement (DNI) set up. This webinar will be workshop style: come with your account open ready to do the setup.

Johnny Wenzel, Product Manager for Ads, will walk attendees through each step of the setup process, including some lesser-known tips and tricks to get more out of the Ads feature.

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We have a great network of ServiceTitan Certified Providers who specialize in Marketing Pro and can help you get set up, train your staff, or help run campaigns for you! Fill out the request form and select MARKETING under the Topics section. The team will reach out you shortly after that and connect you with the best provider.

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