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 What's New in Marketing Pro


  • [COMING SOON] Follow up on unsold estimates using SMS Transactional Campaigns: Previously, you could create only send automated email or direct mail marketing campaigns to follow up on unsold estimates. Now, you can follow up on unsold estimates automatically using SMS Text Message - Transactional Campaigns. These campaigns allow you to take advantage of the better response rates for text messages versus email or direct mail. 

Email and Direct Mail

  • New and improved UI for Campaign Builder: We’ve made some improvements to the design of the Campaign Builder, which will includes easy to use, step by step flow cards to walk you through the campaign building process.

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 10.51.34 PM.png

  • Campaign Templates: Get started quickly with pre-built campaign templates, including four out of the box automated email campaigns: 1) What to expect, 2) Membership due for Services, 3)Rehash open estimates and 4) Thank you. 


Note: The above features are already being piloted in several customer accounts, but will be rolled out to all accounts soon.


  •  Updates in the review requests in Marketing Pro Reputation:  When manually sending a review request for a job with multiple technicians, the inserted technician name is now the tech who triggered the request. When automatically sending a review request where technicians worked an equal amount of time, the inserted technician’s name is now based on who has the higher percentage of invoice splits.
  • [COMING SOON] Customer Review reports added to Reports section: With the new review reports in the Reports section, you can generate and download the reports of your customers’ online reviews.
  • [COMING SOON] Marketing Pro Reputation now syncs your most recent Yelp reviews, preventing duplicates: Previously, we synced your three featured reviews, determined by Yelp, into Reputation Management every night. Now, we sync your three most recent reviews. This allows more of your Yelp reviews to display in Reputation Management and prevents duplicates.


  • Improvements to auto-mapping for Ads campaigns: Now, when you integrate an Ads account in ServiceTitan, you can turn off Auto-Map if you’d prefer to map your campaigns manually. You can also rename mapped campaigns in ServiceTitan and it won’t be overwritten by Google Ad
  • [COMING SOON] Ads Lead metrics now include more scenarios that count as a lead:  Now, the Leads metric in Marketing Pro Ads includes the following:
    • Booked phone calls
    • Unbooked phone calls over 60 seconds that aren't excused
    • Excused calls where the excused reason is set to Is Lead
    • Abandoned or excused calls where the customer booked a job within seven days of the call
    • Lead forms received from the API or Zapier
    • Bookings received from the API or Zapier
    • Manual Calls



[Survey] Requesting Feedback - Direct Mail 

We want to hear from you! Fill out this short survey on Marketing Pro Direct Mail.

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