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We would like to believe that our sales people are great at following up - but it’s pretty tough. When it gets really busy, the follow-ups tend to tank. Sales industry research in general shows that 48% of salespeople never make a single follow-up attempt. All that time, effort and budget spent on getting leads is wasted without the commitment to follow up.

That’s why Marketing Pro has just added another tool to its portfolio of automated email and direct mail follow up features: SMS for Unsold Estimates. If you are already a Marketing Pro customer, you can set up SMS follow ups on unsold estimates to complement your email follow ups and outbound initiatives performed by your CSRs. SMS boasts a 98% open rate, so you can be confident your text will be seen, giving your response rates a huge boost. 

How it works 

  1. Click Create Campaign in Marketing Pro and select “SMS Text Message - Transactional Campaigns”
  2. Select Unsold Estimates as your Goal
  3. Add an Outbound Tracking Number
  4. Create your Audience (you will only be able to select from Estimates, Customer, and Location filters)
  5. Agree to the Terms of Use for sending automated transactional SMS campaigns
  6. Fill out your text message, including merge tags for your Unsold Estimates Link, add Send Time, and build a sequence of up to four text message in your drip campaign. You also can trigger texts to stop sending when certain conditions are met, like when a call is created.
  7. Send a test message to yourself to ensure everything is working as expected
  8. Schedule your campaign and start closing!

Get started

Marketing Pro customers can head over to the Marketing tab and start building out a campaign by clicking on the Create Campaign button.  Note, you must be on the ServiceTitan Essentials package or above and have Chat enabled to use this feature.

Not yet a Marketing Pro customer but interested in learning more about all of its automated follow up capabilities, including SMS?

Request a demo today 

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